TigerMask's FFPW Patch Guide

Download everything here!


This translates just about everything with the exception of dojo mode. The wrestlers have their "Fire Pro" names too. I've kept in some of the Engrish and added some of my own.
Wrestler select screen
End of month screen in Management of the Ring
End of year ranking screen in Management of the Ring
Main menu in Edit Mode
Appearance screen in Edit Mode
Stats screen for Edit Mode
Logic screen in Edit Mode
Match Options screen
Venue select in Management of the Ring
Pre-PPV screen
Pre-VS PPV screen

Full Patch

As above, however wrestlers are given their actual names. I have also updated EVERY wrestler costume, move set, stats, parameters and logic. I touch stuff up every so often.
Below are a handful of costumes. I'd screenshot them all but there are 244 wrestlers in the game.
Christopher Daniels
Mohammed Yone
More Yone
Eddie Guerrero as Black Tiger 2
Unmasked Kane

Logo Patch

I've added real logos for NJPW, NWO, AJPW, NOAH, Zero-One, IGF (Replacing UFO), FMW, Michinoku, DragonGate, WWE, TNA, AAA, RINGS, Pancrase, PRIDE, UFC, BattleArts and WCW. It's not great but looking back on it I'm somewhat proud.

I have also included a patch that will replace the WPA and AWG logos from FP1/FFP/FP2 with the WWC and WFW logos from FPA.
Hogan rocking out in WFW
Goldberg representing the WWC

How do I patch my game?

1. Acquire a ROM image of Final Fire Pro Wrestling. Don't ask where from.
2. Download my patches from here!
3. Download Lunar IPS here! You can use others but this one works well.
4. Unzip every file into the same folder.
5. Run Lunar IPS
6. Click "Apply IPS Patch"
7. Select the patch you want (Translation OR Full Patch, not both)
8. Select the ROM
Add the logo patch after you've patched with the translation or full patch.
Jobs done!

What do I play the game on?

1. Download Visual Boy Advance.
2. Unzip the VBA file
3. Drag the .GBA file on to the VisualBoyAdvace.exe
Other Platforms
There are hundreds of devices and platforms you can run GBA emulators on. Inbox or ask, I might be able to tell you where is best. Personally I use:
Trusty DS Lite with a Supercard Lite and 2gb SD Micro
I have about 10 copies of the ROM to allow for 10 different saves. Runs the game perfectly, excellent for playing and simming.
Android Phone
I have an HTC Wildfire and only recommend it for MOR or simming.

The Cheat

I've changed the cheat to:
Nickname: UNLOCK
First Name: MY
Middle: GAME
Exchange: ON
Middle: []
You must save straight after.


When entering a name click:
Top row of KANA (Hirigana characters)
You are then given a large selection of double letters:
One upper-case and one lower case on the left
Both lower-case on the right
Block capitals at the end of that lot

Misawa 1962

Originally I had the FPC URL however when Misawa passed I felt this was a fitting tribute.
I still remember the moment I found out. I was working a trainee show in London against the academy champion. He told me as soon as I walked through the door.

Dojo Mode

I few years back I held a competition where you had to find an "Easter Egg". I replaced one of the trainees with The Hulk. cactusj00 found the egg and one a spot as "THE" trainee. I also replaced the others:
Trainer 1
Trainer 2
Trainer 3


I'm a bit OCD so I've created a save containing every wrestler from FPW1, 2 and WonderSwan with spare room going to a few from FPR. Anyway:
1. Ultimate Warrior
2. 2 Cold Scorpio
3. Black Buffalo
4. Chyna
5. Kuniaki Kobayashi
6. Katsumi Usuda
7. Dan Severn
8. Super Tiger
9. Kyoko Inoue
10. Edge
11. Brock Lesnar
12. Enson Inoue
13. Rocky Balboa
14. Kaz Hayashi
15. H
16. Minoru Fujita
17. Masaaki Satake
18. Andy Hug
19. Rumina Saito
20. Shunji Takano
21. Goldust
22. Brian Johnston
23. Sandman
24. Tommy Dreamer
25. Jeff Hardy
26. Matt Hardy
27. Lita
28. Hans Nyman
29. Guy Mezger
30. Susumu Yokosuka
31. Seiji Sakaguchi
32. Ashura Hara
33. Dusty Rhodes
34. Fritz Von Erich
35. Harley Race
36. Jimmy Snuka
37. Rick Rude
38. Ted DiBiase
39. Bad New Allen
40. Batman
41. Robin
42. Terrible Ted


cactusj00 - Without him I would have accomplished precious little!
Jason Blackhart - Obvious really!
Davey - Helped out in a big way.
Phil Parent - No direct help but I've used his saves and edits as inspiration through this.
Sean Davey - Help with various aspects
MegaXero, clairmontdrive and zettaijin
My fiancée - She is the first person outside the FP community that knew about my patch and has done a fair bit of proof-reading and colour checking for me. She's even seen my Sonic the Hedgehog notebook and hasn't left me!