CactusJ00's FFPW 2010 Patch

From CactusJ00:

Initially when this project began I was merely trying to kill some time until I could start a Monday Night Wars game hack but at some point I started really enjoying this. My original goal was to just update WWE and add TNA but I ended up expanding my scope to updating the entire game.

At this point I have finished updating the US and Mexico. I have already started working on the Japanese promotions but I decided to release what I have done so far. I did my best to give the Japanese promotions a mini update but (moved a few guys and titles around) but they are still really out of date.


Using the hex editor and a lot of help from people on this board I have managed to replace the default wrestlers in this game. FFPW was released in 2001 (I think) and was starting to feel a bit outdated to me.

Each default that has been replaced has all new logic, stats, moves, and attires (in most cases). A few of the defaults still have their old attires if they still fit. For example, Bret Hart has two of his old attires (wrestling gear) plus two new 2010 WWE looks. Some defaults like HBK have four all new looks.

Along with updating the defaults I have also changed MOR mode around as well. The original game had the promotions from the time but some of those have gone out of business. I have replaced those promotions with groups like TNA and ROH. I have also adjusted the other data that goes along with the replacement promotions.

This game also features a few heads (Hardy Boys, Lesnar, Konnan, Edge, etc.) hacked in from previous GBA Fire Pro games.


John Cena
Chris Jericho
David Hart Smith
Tyson Kidd
Evan Bourne
Ezekiel Jackson
The Great Khali
John Morrison
Mark Henry
The Miz
Randy Orton
Sheamus (champion)
Ted DiBiase
Triple H
William Regal
Zack Ryder
Big Show
CM Punk
Luke Gallows
Cody Rhodes
Dolph Ziggler
Drew McIntyre
Jack Swagger
Kofi Kingston
Matt Hardy
Rey Mysterio
Wade Barrett
AJ Styles
Jeff Hardy
Alex Shelley
Amazing Red
Brian Kendrick
Brother Ray
Chris Sabin
D’Angelo Dinero
Desmond Wolfe
Douglas Williams
Eric Young
James Storm
Jay Lethal
Jeff Hardy
Jeff Jarett
Jeremy Buck
Max Buck
Kevin Nash
Mr. Anderson
Robert Roode
Rob Terry
Samoa Joe
Shannon Moore
Austin Aries
Chris Hero
Christopher Daniels
Claudio Castagnoli
Davey Richards
Eddie Edwards
El Generico
Kevin Steen
Jay Briscoe
Mark Briscoe
Jerry Lynn
Necro Butcher
Roderick Strong
Tyler Black
Steve Corino
Colt Cabana
Mike Quackenbush
Shelton Benjamin
Charlie Haas
Bret Hart
Scott Hall
Scoot Steiner
Terry Funk
Mick Foley
Booker T
Paul London
Juvi Guerrera
CMLL AAA Legends  
Volador Jr.
Mr. Aguila
Hector Garza
Ultimo Guerrero
Negro Casa
Kenzo Suzuki
Jack Evens
Teddy Hart
Dr. Wagner Jr.
Silver King
Stone Cold
The Rock
Cactus Jack
Brock Lesnar

There is also a save included with this game, which I will explain later.

(A few of the edits are not finished yet)

Heath Slater
Skip Sheffield
Michael Tarver
Justin Gabriel
David Otunga
Darren Young
Michael McGillicutty
Husky Harris
Lucky Cannon
Alex Riley
Eli Cottonwood
Percy Watson
Titus O’Neil
Yoshi Tatsu
Cayleyn Croft
Trent Baretta
Chris Masters
Orlando Jordon
Joey Mercury
Mike Knox
Kurt Hawkins
Vance Archer
Jimmy Uso
Jey Uso
Damien 666



The default logic and move sets in FFPW were borderline garbage in some cases (imo). This game aims to fix some of those problems. I put a lot of effort into getting the logic “right” for my replacement wrestlers.

The problem I have run into is that Showman Style sucks major balls. It’s quite tricky to get consistent high ratings in showman style unless you want the match to look like crap. The lack of logic priorities really makes this style a bitch to sim. If you plan on playing all the matches just ignore this.

You basically need to end a showman match with a finisher with a decent amount of specials/taunts used to lead up to the pin (simplified explanation). This can be a problem with a lack of priorities. The other issue is the actual move set for some wrestlers. A guy with a corner finisher is just plain fucked when it comes to Showman.

You won’t be seeing a 90% for every showman match but that’s okay. If you think about a real life PPV, it usually has a 1-2 excellent or very good matches, a couple of average bouts, and a stinker or two. This game can do that.

I actually have a few new ideas for showman style logic that I might add in the future but I still need to test.

A few tips when simming showman style:

These are just what I have found that has worked and I could be full of crap.

1) American rules can be good. According to JB the American rules increase finisher/special damage. I usually use the American rules with decent results.

2) Criticals can be okay

3) Some wrestlers have great chemistry together while others may not. Find out who works well together under what style.

4) Remember that the first couple of matches on a MOR Showman card are rated differently (JB info.). They should be shorter than the main event. This would be a good place to match your jobbers with some of the mid card guys.

5) You don’t always have to run showman style matches with the WWE or TNA. Try some Lucha matches with the X-division guys or maybe throw Abyss into a Hardcore fight. You can even pull off a good King’s Road or Strong Style match with the right guys.

6) Don’t skip the entrances during a Showman match (once again thanks to JB).

7) ALWAYS TURN COM SKIP OFF!!! In my experience, going with full or half skip can cause some seriously crappy match ratings.

If you want other tips, there is an audience mode guide for FFPW 1 on this site that can help a bit. You should also read zet’s MOR guide if you have never taken the time. He has a very good handle on the MOR mode and it will help a great deal. Although keep in mind that some of his strategies will not apply due to the changes that I have made.

Tag matches are another issue with Showman style. These are very tough to get right. I’m not 100% sure on the problem, but I think it has something to do with how long the matches last (way too long for showman) and again the finisher problem.

You can try running a tag match as King’s Road or turn off cut play or just pray.


If you decide to play as one of the Mexican promotions you will obviously be using Lucha. Lucha style is fairly easy to get a handle on but I would suggest taking criticals off.

Be careful with AAA as some of their talent is better suited for Showman or Garbage style matches rather than Lucha (sometimes they can get away with it though).


If you decide to play as ROH you will be using King’s Road style. Some people might puke when they hear that I gave ROH KR but for this game it really fits the usual ROH match. Again, some of these guys can go with Showman, Lucha, Strong, or Hardcore styles.

Move Sets

For some reason I changed the way I had always mapped out my move sets (I have no idea why I did this). I think the only thing you will notice is that I always put the big corner moves on AB down.


This is another tricky area. I decided to keep offensive stats a bit low for this game in order to encourage decent match lengths. The only problem is that some of the defaults still in the game (Japanese guys) are brutal. Eventually the Japanese defaults will be replaced or updated and this problem with not exist.


Unfortunately there was no way to change the names of the style belts. Here is a quick guide to let you know what each one is representing in the game:

Strong: WWE US heavyweight Title (Miz)
Kings Road: ROH TV Title (Eddie Edwards)
Showman: WWE Intercontinental Title (Dolph Ziggler)
Lucha: TNA X-division Title (Doug Williams)
Hardcore: I don’t know what this is supposed to represent (ECW title maybe) but it’s on Sandman
Fee: TNA TV Title (AJ Styles)

Some of these titles may be moved around in future updates.

The world title and tag titles for each show are named after the promotion. So, the World Heavy Weight title for the WWE is named the RAW belt (again, I could not change this).

How to use this game

All you need to do is load the game in your favorite emulator or put it in the correct folder in your phone/NDS/psp/ipod. You will also need to use the save that I have made for this game. The save contains the renaming data and also includes a few extra wrestlers that can be used in MOR if you like.


I’m not sure how I caused this but there is one glitch that I know about. DO NOT move any defaults into a new group that you have created in the edit mode. For example, it’s okay to create an ECW group for your edits but DO NOT move any default guys into that group. The game will freeze. Just leave the defaults where I have them or move them between existing promotions.


If anyone actually bothers to play this and you find something that can be improved, please let me know. There may be some balance issues that I didn’t catch (it would be impossible for me to test every single combination) or move sets that can be tweaked. I’m always looking for help.

Future Updates

Like I have already said, I plan on adding/updating the Japanese wrestlers and promotions. At this point I still have two promotions that I will need to replace due the fact that the MMA stuff is going. I’m still up in the air about what promotions to add but most likely it will be a couple of the smaller Japanese indy groups. I would also love to add custom logos for each promotion.


Huge credit goes to the following:
Tigermask – brought this game back from the dead with his awesome English patch and hacking information
Jason Blackhart – incredibly helpful with the hacking and information about FFPW
Zettaijin – awesome MOR guide hacking
More credit
Sir, Davey, ahep, Chris murder, ChuckTheRipper, zududa97, troma, Ligerbusa, Desertpunk23, c-drive, HGI01, Biohazzard, and anyone else I have taken stuff from over the years.

Fake question and answer time

Q: When does this game take place?

A: I have based this game (loosely) on the time right around SummerSlam. I have attempted to recreate the current US wrestling environment.

My rankings for the major US promotions:

1) RAW is the most popular and profitable show

2) Smackdown is in the number two position in terms of popularity

3) TNA is still struggling to catch the WWE and is plagued by a large roster with a small cash flow (think about making some cuts)

4) ROH at the bottom

Q: Where’s Giant style

A: You might notice that I never use Giant for offensive or defensive style on any of my edits. There is a very simple explanation, GIANT STYLE SUCKS. I tried everything and I still could not balance it out. You might actually see a few other wrestlers in the game with offensive styles you would not expect. The reason for this is balance once again. Certain styles are off the charts good (like power) when combined with certain move sets, while others (tech) can be an abomination.

Q: Why are some wrestlers on the save?

A: You will notice that there are about 30 or so wrestlers on the save included with this game that were not hacked into the game. There are a few reasons why:

1) Some wrestlers are too new and don’t have solid enough move sets (NXT rookies).

2) I still have not mastered how to create custom colors when hacking so a guy like LA PARK can’t be used to replace a default.

3) I’m running out of room. There is just not enough room to get everyone in and keeping a few guys on the save will help with this.

4) I’m lazy. Some of the saves you will see may make it into a future version of the game but are just being stored there as works in progress.

5) I think the save is a good solution to these issues. When you start MOR you can just add anyone you want from the save and they will appear in one of the Free sections. They will have fairly low popularity but that’s okay for most of these guys (jobbers).

Q: Why does wrestler X beat the shit out of wrestler Y every time?

A: Some match ups are really bad for one wrestler. I did my best to test and balance things out but I couldn’t sim every possible match. Let me know if there is a serious balance issue.

Q: Why is Joey Mercury in the game twice?

A: I fucked up. I originally replaced one of the hidden MMA guys with Mercury but for some reason those are the only defaults I can’t figure out how to move in MOR. I decided to leave him in the game (can be used in exhibition mode) but I also included an edit of Mercury in case anyone wants to use him in MOR.