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Wrestler: Ryuji Yamakawa
Organization: Big Japan Pro Wrestling

Created by Matt

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Nickname -
Shortname Yamakawa Longname Ryuji
FlipBox On Separator Space

(Appearance Settings)

Stance Strong
Size S
Face - 1, 1, 208
Chest S Bare
Waist S Belt w/ Tights 1
Upper Arm S Bare Arms
Lower Arm S Wristband S
Wrist - Barehanded
Thigh S Long tights 1
Knee - Long Pants
Ankle - Shoes 1

• Color Settings •

Skin Tone 0
Costume 1 1
Costume 2 1
Costume 3 1
Pads/Shoes 1
Shoes 1 1
Shoes 2 1
Mask/Glove 1 0
Mask/Glove 2 0
Hair/Eyes 14, 9, 2
19, 15, 9
24, 20, 12
5, 6, 6

(Profile Settings)

Group Affiliation BJPW
Fighting Style Orthodox
Defensive Style Orthodox
Critical Type Finisher
Special Skill Blood
Recovery Power Medium
Recovery Power (Bleeding) Slow
Breathing Medium
Breathing (Bleeding) Below
Awareness Medium
Awareness (Bleeding) Poor
Neck Endurance Medium
Arm Endurance Medium
Waist Endurance Medium
Foot Endurance Medium
Movement Speed Medium
Corner Climb/Descend Speed Medium
Ability to Climb Corner Can Ascend
Outside Return Count 7
Touchwork (Teamwork) Medium
Theme Music Brave Heart

(Attribute Points)

Punch 5 Punch 5
Kick 4 Kick 5
Suplex 4 Suplex 5
Submission 1 Submission 1
Stretch 4 Stretch 3
Power 5 Flying 6
Instant-P 5 Crush 5
Arm Power 5 Versus Lariat 4
Technical 4 Technical 4
Rough 9 Rough 8


(Assign Moves)

  Standing B Slap To Face
  Standing A Toe Kick
  Standing A+B No Touch Headbutt
  Running B Kenka Kick
  Running A Lariat
  Run Counter B Thrust Kick
  Run Counter A Shoulder Throw
  Running Toward Corner B Lariat
S Running Toward Outside A+B Tope Con Hilo
  Rope Slingshot to Outside A+B Sledgehammer
  Apron Slingshot to Inside A+B None
  Post B Diving Guillotine Drop
  Post A Missilekick
  Post A+B Diving Kneelkick
  Grappling B Elbow Pat
  Grappling B + UP Body Slam
  Grappling B + LEFT/RIGHT Elbow Stamp
  Grappling B + DOWN Hammer Blow
  Grappling A Sweep kick
  Grappling A + UP Brainbuster
  Grappling A + LEFT/RIGHT DDT
  Grappling A + DOWN Piledriver
  Grappling A+B Headbutt Rush
  Grappling A+B + UP Fishermans Suplex
  Grappling A+B + LEFT/RIGHT Jumping Bomb
F Grappling A+B + DOWN W. Arm Facebuster
  Back Grappling B Necksmash
  Back Grappling A Backbrain Lariat
  Back Grappling A+B Backslide
  Back Grappling A+B + UP/DOWN Swoop Backdrop
  Back Grappling A+B + LEFT/RIGHT German Suplex Whip
  Back Counter B Elbow Pat
  Back Counter A Struggle
  Downed Opponent Facing Up, at Head A+B Arrogant Pin
S Downed Opponent Facing Up, at Foot A+B Sharp Shooter
  Downed Opponent Facing Down, at Head A+B Step over Armbar
  Downed Opponent Facing Down, at Foot A+B Holding one leg pin
  Downed Opponent Facing Up, at Head A Foot Stamp
  Downed Opponent Facing Up, at Foot A Stomping To Body
  Downed Opponent Facing Down, at Head A Camel Clutch
  Downed Opponent Facing Down, at Foot A Stomping To Back
  Downed Opponent, Running A+B Guillotine Drop
  Corner Grappling A+B + UP Top Rope Brainbuster
S Corner Grappling A+B + LEFT/RIGHT Swing DDT
  Corner Grappling A+B + DOWN Stomping Rush
  Appeal Pre-Match Shaking Head
  Appeal In-Match (SELECT Button) Neck Cutting Pose 1
  Appeal Post-Match Hip Dancing
  Front Two Platon (Double Team) Double Brainbuster
  Front Three Platon (Triple Team) Triple Hammer blow
  Back Two Platon (Double Team) Double Backdrop
  Back Three Platon (Triple Team) Triple Hammer blow
  Corner Two Platon (Double Team) B. Drop + D. Neckbreaker
  Corner Three Platon (Triple Team) Triple Powerbomb

FINISHER NAME: W. Arm Facebuster

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