"Spanish Psycho" Vega NAME ENTRY Nickname: Spanish Psycho Short Name: VEGA Long Name: Exchange: OFF Middle: [] APPERANCE Stance: SHOOTING / LUCHA Size: L FPWA/FPW1 Face: 105 FFPW Face: 105 FPW2 Face: 5 Chest: S ONE SHOULDER Stomach: S BELT W/ TIGHTS2 Upper Arm: F. LOW SLEEVE Lower Arm: F. WRISTBAND S Wrist: BAREHANDED Thigh: F. LINE TIGHTS Knees: BARE LEGS AND PAD Ankle: KUNG-FU SHOES COLOR SET Skin: (R:31 G:25 B:19)(R:28 G:20 B:14)(R:20 G:14 B:12)(R:12 G:6 B:4) Costume1: (R:14 G:16 B:0)(R:24 G:24 B:0)(R:30 G:30 B:0) Costume2: (R:10 G:0 B:6)(R:14 G:4 B:10)(R:20 G:7 B:16) Costume3: (R:10 G:0 B:6)(R:14 G:4 B:10)(R:20 G:7 B:16) Kneepad: (R:10 G:0 B:6)(R:14 G:4 B:10)(R:20 G:7 B:16) Shoes 1: (R:2 G:2 B:2)(R:6 G:6 B:6)(R:10 G:10 B:10) Shoes 2: (R:10 G:0 B:0)(R:16 G:2 B:5)(R:31 G:25 B:19)(R:16 G:16 B:16)(R:24 G:24 B:24) Mask/Glove1: (R:20 G:20 B:20)(R:27 G:27 B:27)(R:30 G:30 B:30) Mask/Glove2: (R:28 G:28 B:28)(R:31 G:0 B:0)(R:24 G:16 B:8) Hair: (R:20 G:14 B:6)(R:24 G:20 B:11)(R:28 G:26 B:15)(R:8 G:6 B:4) EDIT SKILLS Fight Style: LUCHADORE Defensive Style: HEEL Critical Type: FINISHER Special Skill: BRUTALITY Recovery: MEDIUM Recovery (Bloody): SLOW Breathing: ABOVE Breathing (Bloody): BELOW Awarness: STRONG Awarness (Bloody): POOR Neck Strength: MEDIUM Arm Strength: MEDIUM Waist Strength: LOW Foot Strength: HIGH Movement Speed: FAST Ascent Speed: FAST Ascend Skill: CAN RUN UP Theme Music: VIBRATION EDIT ABILITIES Attack: Defense: Punch 6 7 Punch Kick 7 7 Kick Suplex 5 4 Suplex Submission 3 4 Submission Stretch 3 4 Stretch Power 7 7 Flying Instant Power 8 6 Crush Arm Power 6 2 Lariat Technique 6 6 Technique Rough 8 8 Rough EDIT MOVES Standing B: JAB Standing A: CENTER ROUND KICK Standing AB: ROLLING SOLE BUTT Running B: SCREW HIGH KICK Running A: HEAD SCISSORS WHIP Counter B: ROLLING SOLE BUTT Counter A: HEAD SCISSORS WHIP Running (Corner) B: S SPACE ROLLING ELBOW Running (Outside) AB: SPACEMAN PLANCHA Slingshot (Outside) AB: LA QUEDABRA Slingshot (Inside) AB: SWAN DIVE KNEELKICK Post B: S MOONSAULT ATTACK Post A: FIREBIRD SPLASH Post AB: DRAGON RANA Grab B: STRAIGHT PUNCH Grab B/\: CYCLONE WHIP Grab B<>: DRAGON SCREW Grab B\/: LEG SPIN Grab A: TIGER SPIN Grab A/\: STEP BACKBRAIN KICK Grab A<>: SOLE BUTT Grab A\/: S BACK DROP Grab AB: OVERHEAD KICK Grab AB/\: FORK ATTACK Grab AB<>: SOLE BUTT RUSH Grab AB\/: ULTRA RANA Back B: BACK SOLE BUTT Back A: VITAL SPOT PUNCH Back AB: FORK ATTACK Back AB/\\/: S GERMAN SUPLEX WHIP Back AB <>: SHOULDER CLAW Back Def. B: GROIN KICK Back Def. A: OVERHEAD KICK Down (Face Up) Head AB: SICKLE ATTACK Down (Face Up) Legs AB: JACKNIFE HOLD Down (Face Down) Head AB: LA MAGISTRAL Down (Face Down) Legs AB: SICKLE HOLD Down (Face Up) Head A: JUMPING KNEE TO FACE Down (Face Up) Legs A: GROIN KNEE STAMP Down (Face Down) Head A: HARD PUNCH TO FACE Down (Face Down) Legs A: DOUBLE KNEE DROP Running (Down) AB: FOOT STAMP TO FACE Corner Grab AB/\: SUPER ULTRA RANA Corner Grab AB<>: F SPIDER GERMAN SUPLEX (Psychotic Suplex) Corner Grab AB\/: SLING SHOT PRESS Performance (Before): CHEER SPIRIT Performance (During): SHAKING HEAD Performance (After): WAVING TWO HANDS